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The following articles were published in the PSA Journal since 2004 and are in Acrobat PDF format for downloading to your computer and, if you wish, to print on your local printer.

Have You Wondered...

About PSA Headquarters office?
About the Headquarters Staff vs Board members?
About PSA Regulations?
About How-to Aspect of Exhibitions?
About Entering Exhibitions and Applying for Stars?
About the Annual Who's Who?
About Society Awards?
About Writing Opportunities for the Journal?
About the Annual PSA Conference?
About the News from the Conference?
About the Basics of using PSA Materials?
About using Journal articles?
About how the Journal is put together?

About how to submit to the Journal?- Updated January 2006
About death notices and obituaries in the Journal?
About the deadline versus the queue?
About those pages in the back of each Journal?





PSA China 版权所有 请勿转载

You can download the following PSA forms and documents Here.

PSA IR Master Operating Manual (MOM)


PSA Overseas Membership Application form (Chinese)