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Color Projected Image Division


The Color Projected Image Division is the Photographic Society of America's largest Division. This Division provides activities for anyone with an interest in projected images whether they are from color slides or digital images.

Pictorial Print Division (PPD)


The Pictorial Print Division of the Photographic Society is dedicated to any and all types of photography in which the finished product is a hard copy print. The print may be in color or monochrome. Film photography, darkroom processing, digital imaging, and commercial prints are all included in the Division's activities. Our mission is to help you improve your photographic skills, provide opportunities for competition, to meet new friends, or just to enjoy photography. You will find that the many activities of the PPD are designed with just those specific goals in mind. For an introduction to the activities and services of the PPD click below.

Photojournalism Division


Photojournalism is devoted to recording current events or situations to preserve them for the future. News, features, man and man's environment, human interest . . . . . all are included. Photojournalists contribute to the world's archives for future generations.

The Photojournalism Division provides an opportunity for photographers to learn to capture events effectively (whether for family records, a private collection of historical happenings, or publication) and to share these images with fellow photographers.

We offer PSA members many Photojournalism activities. These involve individual and camera club competitions, study groups, photo essays as well as other competitions and exhibitions.See the entire list on our Resource and Competition Pages


Nature Photography Division


This Division is for photographers interested in portraying the many aspects of nature - plant and animal life, natural features of land and seas or natural phenomena.



Photo Travel Division


Is there anyone who travels for pleasure without a camera? Very few. Have you ever returned from a trip with less than outstanding pictures? Have you wondered how published photographers get their shots? That's where the Photo Travel Division comes in. It gives traveling photographers multiple opportunities to combine their love of travel with their skills as photogrpahers. It is a source for information on how to capture experiences which reflect the enthusiasm you felt when you took the picture.
Whether you're a veteran or a novice travel photographer, the services of PSA's Photo Travel Division can lead you to greater enjoyment of the fruits of your travel photography.

Electronic Imaging Division


The Electronic Imaging Division provides services and activities for PSA members who use digital imaging techniques as a tool in their photographic imaging process. Services and activities are provided for still imaging and video imaging users. Both digital video and analog video are supported.
By following the hyperlinks on this page, you will discover a great variety of information for PSA members and additional information that is useful to all people who are involved with electronic imaging.


Stereo Division


This Division provides information and activities for all those interested in 3D Photography