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PSA Audio Visual Programs

There are many educational and entertainment programs called the PSA Audio Visual Programs that are available to all PSA members and clubs to borrow for viewing at their own home and club meeting. They are on a CD, DVD, Slides or on Video tape. Below are the latest PSA A/V programs. Please visit PSA A/V program for more detailed listing here.


PSA视听部存有许多教学或娱乐的视听资料,包括CDDVD光盘、幻灯或磁带,PSA成员或摄影社团可借到家中或社团活动中使用, 以下是最新的视听资料,请按PSA视听部链接获取更详细的资料。


Entertainment and competition programs        
Print Collection Set#3      
2006 TOPS 2007 TOPS 2008 TOPS  

International Exhibitions & PSA Division Competitions

2007 PSNY 2007 & 2008 Best of Best    
Desert Photography by Fred Hankins      
Educational & Instructive programs Cleaning DSLR Sensors      
Competition HW/ SW programs