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PSA Honors


The Photographic Society of America honors individuals PSA who have achieved certain goals in photography.  They are as follows:

APSA (Associate) - awarded for material contributions to the advancement of photography, whether resulting primarily from proficiency and achievement, or for service.  Photographic achievement must be combined with elements of service.

FPSA (Fellow) - awarded for outstanding contributions to the advancement of photography, involving a high degree of proficiency and achievement, combined with such elements of service as the dissemination of acquired knowledge through lecturing, judging, instructing, and publishing of articles or papers.  Personal achievement alone does not qualify for this honor.

Hon.PSA (Honorary Membership) - the recipient of this honor need not be a member of PSA.  It is awarded for outstanding service to photography, particularly through organizational or similar work.

Hon.FPSA (Honorary Fellow) - this is the highest designation awarded by the Society.  The recipient need not be a PSA member, and the honor is awarded only for unique or outstanding contributions of major importance to photography.

Please contact your local IR for the information on how to apply the PSA Honors.


(In addition, for proficiency in photography, distinction awards of EPSA and PPSA are given. 


Recognition of Photographic Achievement Awards (ROPA)

(EPSA & PPSA Distinctions)




The Recognition of Photographic Achievement Award (ROPA) Awards are the Distinctions offered for PSA members who have extensive exhibition records and excel to Star levels.  The Proficiency level (PPSA) is first, followed by Excellency (EPSA).   A member applies personally for either level, giving proof of exhibition recognition from Star Rating records.  Only a PSA member is allowed to use these ROPA letters after his name.   For more information, please contact the ROPA Director or your local IR.


影像成就鉴定奖(ROPA)奖是为有多次参展记录并已获得星级认定的会员颁发的奖项。该奖分为两个级别:PPSA(精通级别)与EPSA(杰出级别)。会员可直接申请任一级别,并以星级评定的参展记录作为证明材料。只有PSA 会员可在姓名后冠以这些奖项名称。如需更多信息,请联系ROPA总监或您当地的国际代表(IR)











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